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INR Inspection Services is committed to providing our customers with the most comprehensive and beneficial Aerial Pipeline Patrol Program in the industry. INRIS is committed to being cost effective and competitive while at the same time providing our customers with more services than our competitors. INRIS provides professional, ethical, and courteous customer service and is committed to safety. We are committed to the protection of our customers assets and partners with them to develop and maintain the highest level of professional Pipeline Patrol Services available.

Welcome to INR Inspection Services

Headquartered in Gonzales Texas, INR Inspection Services is centrally located in the heart of Texas oil and gas country – perfectly positioned for efficient and reliable pipeline patrol services.

INRIS provides safe, cost-effective monitoring for oil, natural gas, and hazardous liquid pipelines and their associated infrastructure.

Why choose INRIS - Very simple, we take our time and do the job right. We partner with our oil and gas industry clients to safeguard valuable assets and protect the public and private lands where pipelines traverse.


INRIS services are reliable, efficient, and cost-effective. Our fixed-wing pipeline patrols are fast, safe, and dependable. We identify compliance issues and precisely report real-time conditions on – and adjacent to – pipeline rights-of-way.

We provide:

  • Visual Aerial Pipeline Patrol and ROW Inspection
  • Encroachment and New Development Notification and Documentation
  • Immediate Anomaly Notification and Documentation
  • Emergency Response, Leak Location Assistance, and Storm Damage Assessment
  • Real-time Classification Study Assistance

We are available 7 days per week. We are responsive to changing customer requirements and we pride ourselves in providing the best pipeline patrol, facilities monitoring, and asset documentation services in the industry.

Additional Aerial Services

In addition to pipeline patrol services, INRIS offers:

  • High Resolution Digital Aerial Photography
  • Construction Site Monitoring and Progress Updates
  • Farm and Ranch Storm Damage Assessment
  • Aerial Search and Rescue

INRIS Service Area

INRIS is centrally located in Gonzales Texas within one day's reach of oil production and distribution sites throughout Texas and neighboring states.



Fixed Wing Skyhawks – INRIS utilizes stalwart Cessna 172 Skyhawk aircraft for aerial patrols. These airplanes are sturdy, easy to fly, and second to none when it comes to reliability. There is simply no better aircraft for this mission.


Our aircraft are maintained to the highest standards, meeting all FAA and Texas aviation regulatory and compliance directives. We conduct thorough annual inspections and perform all aircraft maintenance at our home base.


We have upgraded and adapted our aircraft to ensure efficient patrols while also guaranteeing safe flights over valuable property and pipeline assets:

  • Long-range fuel tanks and cruise propellers allow us to stay airborne longer and patrol extended stretches of rural pipelines safely and efficiently
  • Satellite-based flight tracking, onboard GPS, and precision mapping software safeguard route accuracy and ensure precise pipeline status reporting
  • Smartphone communications for voice, text, and email transmission capability facilitate real-time reporting with the capacity for picture and video submission

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INR Inspection Services
PO Box 420
Gonzales TX 78629

Phone: 719-640-4747
email: info@pipelinepatrol.com

Pilot Positions

We have no openings for pilots at this time. You may send a resume for our files, but you may not receive a response until a position opens.

Here are the minimum requirements for INRIS pilots:

  • 2000 hours PIC
  • Commercial Pilot Certificate
  • Instrument Rating and Currency
  • Low-level and/or Mountain Flying Experience
  • A&P Certificate Highly Desirable