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Pipeline Patrol Services

Our pipeline patrol services are cost-effective, reliable, and efficient.

We provide:

  • Visual Aerial Pipeline Patrols and ROW Inspections
  • Encroachment and new development documentation & notification
  • Immediate anomaly notification & documentation
  • High Resolution Digital Photography & Video
  • Emergency Response, Leak Location Assistance, Storm Damage Assessment & Documentation
  • Real Time Classification Study assistance
  • We also supply pilots and aircraft to supplement current patrols.

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We are available 7 days per week. We are open and responsive to changing customer requirements and we pride ourselves in providing the best pipeline patrol, facilities monitoring, and asset documentation services in the industry.

Our fixed-wing patrols are fast, safe, and dependable. We detect leaks, encroachments, new development, erosion, compliance issues, and other situations on and adjacent to the Right Of Way that may jeopardize the integrity of your asset.

We are committed to safety, protecting our clients assets, and protecting the environment.  Our customers can be confident that we will be in the air, on-time, and on-target to accomplish their mission.

We can be airborne within minutes on a Standby Emergency Response basis. Our aircraft are ready to fly short distances or coast to coast every day of the year.

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  • Our Mission

    INR Inspection Services is committed to providing our customers with the most comprehensive and beneficial Aerial Pipeline Patrol Program in the industry.

    INRIS is committed to being cost effective and competitive while at the same time providing our customers with more services than our competitors.

    INRIS provides professional, ethical, and courteous customer service and is committed to safety. We are committed to the protection of our customers assets and partners with them to develop and maintain the highest level of professional Pipeline Patrol Services available.

  • Who We Are

    James Underwood, Chief Pilot, founded INRIS in 2008. He is a US Navy Veteran, holds an Airline Transport Pilot’s Certificate, has over 7000 hours as Pilot in Command flight time, and has been a Professional Commercial Pilot for the past 18 years. His experience includes flying UPS & FedEx Feeder Freight, Aerial Fire Suppression/ Forest Service Pilot, Aerial Mapping & Survey work, extensive low level, mountainous terrain & Commercial Float Plane (Alaska), and has extensive unimproved off airport operations experience. In addition he has served as a Corporate Chief Pilot flying both light corporate jet and heavy turbo-prob aircraft. He also has a BS in Landscape Architecture and has 10 years of Military, GSA, & Corps of Engineers’ Construction PM/CM & On-Site Project Superintendent experience.